'When you design a building, you start from a general philosophy, and you come down, and you start from detail and come up.'
Renzo Piano

Renzo Piano Sketch and Quote: When you design a building, you start from a general philosophy, and you come down, and you start from detail and come up.

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SUI beats SUV

An average personal vehicle sits parked 95% of its life 
costs $15,000 per year

MM Architects architectural answer to imminent challenges
Climate Change & CO2 footprint,
decline of affordable housing, urban sprawl, traffic congestion, increased commuter time
MM Architects architectural scheme featuring the tools
that may enable future Vancouver residents to build
an enticing sustainable modern way of life
with a 'rural green village' component

The Smart Urban Island 
- The UBER SUI -

ÜBER' (German) - engl. 'UBER'
Etymology definition:
 'over', 'above', 'beyond'

By placing modern towers on stilts 'UBER' (over, above & beyond) unmodified pre-existing buildings (below) MM Architects are formulating a Novelty Building Type Concept

Your feedback is greatly appreciated

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